Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jetsons Stories

When Bill and Joe hired me to supervise layouts on some new Jetsons in 1984, I naively thought they might let me write some stories too, so I gave these to someone who patted me on the head and said, "Aw how cute, a cartoonist who wants to write cartoons."
Boy there are some dated stories there that make fun of long gone sitcoms.
Here's my favorite with crummy breakfast scribbles
Elroy and a playmate look down over the precipice of their apt building and ponder the unknown and unexplored.
Elroy's young and still forming synapses blister with curiosity.
He convinces the the brood to slide down the 17 mile long pole to find out what's down there.
Primitive man awaits.
The end

more scribbles here:


  1. "The laughs abound." Haw! I love that. People should use it whenever they get sick of saying, "Hilarity ensues."

  2. Awesome, primitive man is great! It would be a wonder to actually get to work on this!

  3. OMFG... Hilarious! You should write and draw that for MAD Magazine... "Jetsons: The Final Episode"!

  4. Scalp on a stick.

    I like it!

  5. John,

    Been a long time, wondering if you could give me a shout, would love to show you what we are doing in flash and have some ideas about working together in the online game space.

    Michael Pole
    (818) 901-9960 ext 235

  6. "The Bottom of the Pole" would've been awesome!

    Also, didn't they eventually use the general idea of the Jetsons getting new neighbors?

  7. You should still try to make that into a cartoon. It was great.

  8. "It's always been the future"
    That's hilarious! Reminds me of when Fred Flintstone said
    "Let's watch the movie 100,00 BC! It's all about life in the future."

  9. Did my cleanup of the lineup sketch make it through? I kind of made a mess of the comments trying make the link work.

    I just did another one, from my own design. I picked one I hadn't seen you do before to avoid being directly influenced. Here's the link for that (crosses fingers):

  10. As a teen I got off on Judy. Putting aside the odd variation on the show, I can imagine Janet Waldo, Judy that is, the only remaining member being Judy here..and the comment from George in the outline "we had morals" sounds like something from modern day confrontational talk
    show host Steve Wilkos [the one that looks like Bruce Willis & Vin Diesel :)] to charged pedophile Jack McLellan "We had ETHICS and MORALS"..I recall one of the 1985 Jetsons starring Judy, and costarring "Grease's" Didi Conn, as cousin Melissa, "Judy Takes Off", with George and everyone else down to ASTRO staring dirty looks at her [actually was a sign that some good episodes came out of that..I also liked the several Jetsons 1980s ones with Frank Nelson, who'd passed away the next year, and who was similiar to Mel Blanc's Spacely voice, as a guest voice...the 1980s series, as everybody has said, was at best full of hits and misses..

    Rust me, I've been the supposting character in another iconic animated show, the clay animated bhsiow Gumby that got an even WORSE nineteen-eightes makeover. And we've all been aware of the Hollywood fascinaiton now with eighties remakes in the theatres..two came out, and ONE of those was based on a show whose Mohawked star, Mr.T, had his own awful show! :)

  11. That would be soooooo funny, ive never ever considered that!. Would have been an instant classic!