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Snooper and Blabber Meet The Bombshell

Snooper is narrating a past case to the audience. We see him (this is happening in the past as Snoop narrates) and Blabber at the desk, framed by a gorgeous femme fatale. He describes in hard-boiled graphic detail the beautiful bombshell that walked into his office:
There she was, standing in the doorway, a tall lanky human woman. My eyes greedily took in her long toned legs… She had knees at the front.
Her clinging nylons with nary a wrinkle.
Her too tight skirt gripped her compact hips like moss on a wet rock.
Her bare arms, thin yet buffed, a patch of goose pimples detailing her well defined triceps .
Her Bee Stung Lips

Gosh Schnooop, she’s prretty! Blush
Snooper: “Gimme an ugly dame any day, Blab. It’s the pretty ones that get you into trouble.”
Blabber’s eyes widen at the thought.

Bee Stung Lips
Snooper continues his description: “Her bee stung lips”
Closeup of her mouth. Her lips deflate.
Angelina asks Snooper if she can use the bathroom to put on her face.
Snooper motions to it and she leaves the scene.
“Gosh, Snoop, she has another face? I like that one!”

In the bathroom: She stands in front of the mirror, reaches into her purse and pulls out what looks like lipstick.
She takes the top off and twists the bottom until out comes
The stinger end of a bee.

She Applies the stinger to her lips and they inflate to gigantic proportions. Cut to the other end of the beestick and we see the Bee’s head poking out. “It’s a living.”
She puts away the beestick next to a gun, blackjack and knife.


Snooper has Blabber write down the description of her as his trained eye takes in every detail. He lists each feature:
“Eyes, big. Deep-set. Dark and sultry.

His gaze moves down. His eyes widen for a second, “Bazooms” he dictates, half closing his bored eyes again. He counts in the air. “1, 2”.
Blabber writes down, “Bazooms: 2” and is amazed. His own females have 6.