Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yorgi and Oob Oob

Yogi's Swiss cousins. They are mountain cheeseherders and sausage peddlers.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Meeces Pieces Protein Snack

Jinks is working out.
He stops the treadmill and wipes sweat off his brow.

Jinks tells us how important it is to replenish your system with nutrients after a hard workout.

He displays a double pack of Meeces Pieces.

...tears off the wrapper. "You know, uh, rodents are chock fulla protein and like complex aminos, man. - the more primitive the life-form, the more protee-ins."
He has a dried Pixie. "Eh hyeh hyeh. Yeah, I know. It looks all shriveled-up-like a little mouse-prune! No problem..."
"Just moisten and voila! They spring back to their juicy meaty origins, like, you know."
Uh, just so you know, dese guys are full of electro-type-lytes to replenish your anemic like bloodstream. Heeey...I can feel my energy supply filling up the old gas tank awready."
Boo Boo wants to try one. "My energy stores have been depleted too, Sir."
Jinks: "Call me Jinksie. Here ya go fat boy. Try one-a-these."

Boo Boo tells Dixie "You taste nasty."
Dixie: "Yeah, but I'm good for you!"
Jinks: "That's right. They are real good for you-even if they do taste like, you know - "craaap" as he so crassly puts it."