Monday, May 30, 2011

Bubble Bath Bumper

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Huck in Bath: "Well, Howdy folks! You're jus' in time to watch ME take a li'l ol' bath!"



  1. Haha "Chaboona Gunga", I like that you made Jinks say that haha.

    Have you tried pitching this kind of idea to HB headquarters? Bringing back old HB characters to promote products like bubble bath soap and/or cereal? It would have to be the John K. way of course. You capture their personalities beautifully and I think kids need to know these characters today before they're long forgotten or before Hollywood brings them back as CG human-eyed freaks of nature.

  2. Once again you've used your lined yellow notebook and red pencil to effortlessly splash an idea which feels totally complete and unmistakably YOU in such a way that I can picture the cartoon in my head. Even down to the timing and music. This is not to say you're predictable. NOT A CHANCE !!!!!!!! I'm saying the same thing every other John K. fan is saying.... YOUR IDEAS MUST BE FLESHED OUT AND BROUGHT (or shot) INTO THE PUBLECK (sic) EYE ! ! ! ! You have so many amazing ideas and I don't understand why there are such crap "cartoons" on cable and you're having trouble getting bites with your GENIUS ideas

  3. Jeez Louise!!! Fantastic! I love these!