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HB Music:- John Seely and William Loose, Huck Yogi, Ruff N Reddy

TC-200 WISTFUL COMEDY - lazy , good for Boo Boo, or sleeping
TC-203 WISTFUL COMEDY - recognizable HB, Yogi and Boo Boo (used in Boo Boo Runs Wild), suspicious near end,
TC-204A WISTFUL COMEDY - recognizable HB, Yogi and Boo Boo, lackadaisical, string rise, Boring afternoon with Beaver puttering reading comic books,
TC-308 WISTFUL COMEDY - opens with I love Lucy type scene trans,
TC-302 WALTZ - lazy
TC-201 PIXIE COMEDY - recognizable HB, Yogi and Boo Boo (used in Boo Boo Runs Wild),
TC-202 ECCENTRIC COMEDY - recognizable HB, Yogi and Boo Boo (used in Boo Boo Runs Wild), hammering nails
TC-303 ZANY COMEDY - recognizable HB, Yogi and Boo Boo (used in Boo Boo Runs Wild), mischief, sneaky oaf,
TC-301 ZANY WALTZ - recognizable HB, Yogi and Boo Boo (used in Boo Boo Runs Wild), mischief, Bark Tearing sequence
TC-300 ECCENTRIC COMEDY - - recognizable HB, Yogi and Boo Boo (used in Boo Boo Runs Wild)
TC-205 LIGHT MOVEMENT - Quick Draw McGraw walking,
TC-42 RURAL - Lively - almost too lively, short

Next are Theme Craft cues written by Loose and Seely. ‘Fox Trot’ was used on Ruff and Reddy. ‘Domestic’ is also known as ‘Shining Day’, ‘Light Movement’ is also ‘Holly Day’ and ‘Light Activity’ (TC-437) has the alternate name of ‘Shopping Day.’ There are on reel L-40 along with the Donna Reed theme.

They’re followed by three of the ‘Domestics’ that Jack
Cookerly (who is still alive, I understand) mentioned in the history above. ‘C’ is for ‘Capitol’ and these were penned by Bill Loose for reels L-7 and 8.

TC-304A FOX TROT - family sitcom, innocent happy 50s neighborhood
TC-436 DOMESTIC (SHINING DAY) - Stimpy's Big Day walking,
TC-432 LIGHT MOVEMENT (HOLLY DAY) - Yogi lazy day
C-3 DOMESTIC CHILDREN - Donna Reed style, family sitcom
C-6 DOMESTIC CHILDREN - Tidying up the house, family sitcom
C-14 DOMESTIC LIGHT - more family sitcom

Finally, there are odds and ends from different reels. The first three are Sam Fox cues. SF-10 may also be known as ‘Ski Galop’ or ‘Skiing Galop’ (I’m still trying to confirm the first word) and is by Lou De Francesco, an Italian whose work on films went back to 1923 with Victor Herbert. Wish him a happy 121st birthday on Boxing Day. He scored the Movietone Adventures for 20th Century Fox in the mid-40s. SF-14 is by David Buttolph, a chorister and operatic who played in Europe in the 1920s, returned to New York to work in radio before going to Hollywood in 1933 to score for movies. Finally, there’s the old chestnet ‘Winter Tales’ by Alphons Czibulka. It was later arranged as ‘Hearts and Flowers’ by Theo Tobani, showing that borrowing music and slapping your name on it isn’t a 20th century concept. The solo stand-up piano version is by Victor Lamont, who did the same kind of tinkly arrangements on other 19th century melodies for Sam Fox. This can be found on Huckleberry Hound Meets Wee Willie.

TC-22 is one of a number of cues with “Ghost” names in reel L-39. With irony, let us note it was ghost-written for Loose and Seely by David Rose.

C-19 by Bill Loose (all cues labelled ‘C’ were composed by him) came from reel L-9 and is one of a number of similar sounding cues. It opens Huckleberry Hound’s
Cop and Saucer.

The last four were also composed by Rose for the Hi-Q ‘D’ series, which is famous among some collectors as the home of the soundtrack for ‘Night of the Living Dead’ (1969). The first three are from reel D-20, the last from D-8. TC-215A was on
Ruff and Reddy only. Finally, TC-221A can be heard on Yogi’s High Fly Guy. There are cues without the ‘A’; are all slower-tempo versions.

SF-10 LIGHT MOVEMENT (SKIING GALOP?) - Huckleberry Hound chase, stolen from "Can-Can"
SF-14 THE COCKEYED COLONEL - Hungarian Cartoons
SF-? WINTER TALES - Silent Movie Melodrama tinkling piano, sad story
TC-22 SUBLIME GHOST - Spooky, Eerie, underwater, ripply
C-19 LIGHT ACTIVITY - western panorama?
TC-215A CHASE-MEDIUM - crime, film noir
TC-219A CHASE-MEDIUM - Crime, adventure - Yogi Fights Ranger Smith
TC-217A CHASE-MEDIUM - Struggle, fights, similar to 219a- Yogi fight Ranger, rise, fall, crime end
TC-221A HEAVY AGITATO- Crime, fight, struggle, Yogi, Ranger rolling on floor, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea

But since you have been so patient, Santa Yowp will reward you with a couple of Hi-Q cues. They may not sound familiar, as they were never used in Hanna-Barbera cartoons, but there’s always the chance they were in some ‘50s TV Show. The first is TC-40 Metropolitan, an atypical urban bustle piece of the era by Loose and Seely. The second is a solo composition by Loose called C-12 Domestic Lite, also known on some record labels as Fashion Fox Trot, which has a veryDonna Reed Show quality. I have tried using embedded players but the coding was displayed differently in Explorer and Firefox, so you’ll have to click on the title and let your audio player do the work.

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