Sunday, September 6, 2009

HB Music Shaindlin

MAD RUSH No. 1 - Psycho, tension, driving to escape,
MAD RUSH No. 2 - wacky mechanical, driving, end sting is film noir surprise or mild alarm
MAD RUSH No. 3 - Traffic or factory, hurrying
UNTITLED TUNE - famous HB - swingy walk, Boo Boo, chasing butterflies, changes to swingy easy absent minded - nobody is around, dancing naked in the living room thinking no one can see you
EXCITEMENT UNDER DIALOGUE - Film Noir suspense, undercurrent
ASININE - Snooper and Blabber, Chaos - impish mischief, mechanical march robots ants, factory tinkering, end on ironic descend
CAPERS - struggle, sneak, quiet reflection, wacky, quiet, Jinks relaxing on chair, good quick end sting
PIXIE PRANKS - Retarded Boo Boo - studying bugs up close, tending to little retard duties while Yogi watches in amazement, Boo Boo relaxes, then is alerted by small animal activity,
FUN ON ICE - Retarded Yogi Oaf Walk, then happy to see a picnic basket, sitting down to eat , putting neckerchief on, back to retarded Oaf walk
CRAZY GOOF - lazy day, into walk, exploring - good for Kaspar following rangers behind bushes
FISHY STORY - sleepy, notice, breezy build up, quick tiptoe
THE RELUCTANT ELEPHANT - Heavy slow walk -maybe angry, then wacky descending waa waa waa, changes to HB Yogi bits, ends with irony
COMEDY SUSPENSE - Elephant Film Noir, sneaking, mischievous
TOBOGGAN RUN - famous chase, run from Yogi Bear, soft ending
RODEO DAY - exciting, can use for circus or big events, big show
RECESS - good cartoon opening music, could use for an HB title card, happy, middle is carefree breezy outdoors, Boo Boo frolics - has button ending

Langlois library Not Used in HB Cartoons:

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